Background History

The founder of EADF Mr. NH Remon was born and brought up in a middle-class family living in a rural area of the north western part of Bangladesh. From the very beginning of his growing age, he begins to notice the true scenery of the people’s lives living around. Poverty, illiteracy, unhygienic livelihood, deprivation, superstition, discrimination, unemployment, unconsciousness, unnecessary conservativeness of social lives surrounds him. He witnessed so many sufferings and misfortunes of village commoners’ lives standing beside the points of happening. Observing all these adversativity and mismatches, soon he perceived to stand against these with a strong a effective hands. After founding the EXPERT Group in 2014 he found the way to establish the EADF as a humanitarian concern of the Group. Since the very beginning, EADF has been working for the vulnerable community, healthcare and medication assistance, small entrepreneurship development, capacity building of the civil citizens of the society, social preventive services, awareness, treatment, support and rehabilitation of poor vulnerable people with a special focus on women, children, autistic and old ones.